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About Us is brought to you by  Proximal Consulting: The Experts in Global KYC Due Diligence

Peter Lilley, the owner and founder of Proximal Consulting, is an acknowledged AML and investigations expert and the author of various books including “Dirty Dealing: the Untold Truth about Global Money Laundering, International Crime and Terrorism.”

Proximal Consulting has unrivalled experience in providing KYC due diligence background reports on individuals and companies on a worldwide basis. Our blue chip client base includes regulatory agencies, law firms, corporates, private banks, trust companies and other financial institutions.

Proximal Consulting offers the following services:

KYC Due Diligence Reports

Prior to establishing a business relationship you need to verify whether your prospect or partner – whether it be a company or an individual – is providing you with full and accurate information.  More importantly you need to confirm that you are not becoming involved in a money laundering scheme or being associated with terrorist or organized criminal activity.

We provide confidential global due diligence background reports which are structured to deliver focused intelligence to ensure that your legal and regulatory obligations with regard to Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence are met and that you are not exposed to reputational, operational, legal or concentration risks.

We carry out fixed-price background checks on individuals and companies across the world in Europe, the Americas, Russia and the CIS, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.  We are particularly adept at providing background information on high net worth individuals and/or associated corporate entities, and politically exposed persons (PEPs).

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Country Risk Reports

When establishing a business or financial relationship with a new customer it is essential to carry out thorough KYC checks in order to validate and verify the information they provide and protect yourself from becoming associated with money laundering and organized criminal activity.

When considering doing business in a new country, it is equally important to assess any potential business or financial risks that might exist in the subject country, such as corruption, money laundering or political instability which could adversely affect your company.  You may be considering entering a new market, setting up an office, establishing a subsidiary or forming a trade agreement.  Alternatively you may already be operating in the country in question.  Whatever the reason, up to the minute and business focussed intelligence in relation to the country you want to operate in – or are already operating in – can give you the means to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive awareness of the major business risks that exist.

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Bespoke Services

In addition to our core business of providing KYC due diligence reports and country risk reports we also offer bespoke services which include, but are not limited to:

High profile and complex investigations – Peter Lilley has, over the last twenty years, gained invaluable and unrivalled experience in providing solutions to clients faced with high profile and/or complex projects.

Asset tracing – Utilizing comprehensive research facilities, local contacts and worldwide associates we aim to identify and recover assets for our clients.

Anti-money laundering training – We design and deliver AML training programmes to meet your specific requirements and the individual needs of your business in addition to providing invaluable ongoing support and consulting services.

Merchant background checks – We have extensive experience in carrying out merchant and supplier background investigations for clients to comply with relevant AML and KYC regulations.

Please contact us for further details of our bespoke services or to discuss any specific projects.



Dirty Dealing Revisited

Exclusive AML Presentation
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In 2012 Peter Lilley, the founder & owner of Proximal Consulting, was invited to give a keynote presentation in Prague to a major gathering of law enforcement officials from numerous countries. He took this opportunity to update his highly regarded book “Dirty Dealing: the untold truth about global money laundering

About Us is brought to you by Proximal Consulting

Proximal Consulting has unrivalled experience in providing KYC due diligence background reports on individuals and companies on a worldwide basis.

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